Project Description

Triple Dense Natural Latex

Gone are the days of slim to none mattress options. Today, it seems there are more choices than ever for mattresses; of all these why is latex consistently the best material for mattress cores? The answer is comfort and performance. Progressive compression latex mattresses are designed to bring the focus to your individual sleeping habits and needs and allow the mattress to adjust and react uniquely to you, and so you get a better night’s sleep.

Z-Net uses 100% all-natural, triple dense latex to form the core of our mattresses, and we complement this with a pure silk, ultra-soft cover. The silk is chosen to deliver the ultimate in temperature regulation, and high quality naturally sourced materials provide the best mattress performance. We pride ourselves on the quality of our materials, all of which are carefully chosen and sourced with comfort, quality and purity in mind.

With Z-Net, you get the best in performance and comfort, in one all-natural latex mattress. We understand that sleeping habits and people come in all shapes and sizes, and with progressive compression, the mattress will adapt and react to be firm where you need it and soft where you want it. No need to worry about whether you want a firm mattress for support, or a soft one for comfort; Z-Net just delivers a great sleep.

Z-Net progressive compression mattress cores are simple. As the pressure on that point of your body exerts more force into the mattress, your Z-Net will firm up at that point and that point only. Everywhere else, it stays soft and comforting. This simple concept is delivered over our triple dense latex core; with three times as much natural 100% latex in each mattress, we can promise your bed won’t dip, divot, or develop soft spots over time, for over 25 years. Z-Net, support you can count on, for people of all shapes and sizes.