Project Description

One of the most important concerns of mattress shoppers today is “how long will this mattress last for me?” and even though this is one of the most important parts of the value of a mattress purchase there are very few manufacturers that address this concern in their mattress.

When you sleep on a Z-Net Progressive Compression Mattress Core, the upper section will compress and deflect more easily than the deeper layers by design. This is because the upper sections are made to be softer than the deeper and denser support sections of a Z-Net mattress. In the constant compression and deflection of the materials and components in the upper layers of a mattress that leads to changes in firmness or thickness which affects comfort, pressure relief, and the ability of the materials and components to support the weight of the body with the spine in its natural alignment.

Z-Net Mattress Cores are made using a proprietary process, in which three times the amount of 100% natural latex is injected into a high pressure chamber to further increase density of the mattress core. With three times the amount of natural latex, the constant compression and deflection from the weight of your body is dispersed through more latex material, so the load is spread out over more material, ensuring the top layers of your mattress will remain strong and prevent degradation and softening over time. Z-Net mattresses have a better longer warranty, because we can deliver on a mattress you can keep for over 25 years. There will not be soft spots, divots, or body grooves in your Z-Net Mattress, you can count on it.