Project Description

Long Lasting

Resilience and longevity are not words that typically come to mind with traditional mattresses. Many conventional mattresses are designed with a five to seven year shelf life, intending for you to buy four mattresses in 20 years, rather than use ingredients that will last you 20 years. The market now has some great options available that are proving the old standards for resilience and longevity are truly outdated. Maybe it’s time to forget about sleep numbers and old-fashioned coil mattresses and explore the potential benefits of all-natural latex mattresses instead.

The natural latex mattress stands out as a superb product as far as resilience goes. Pure latex will withstand days upon days and nights upon nights over years and years of getting in and out of bed without experiencing a loss in height — or comfort to you. In fact, latex is one of the most resilient substances used in the manufacturing of natural mattresses today. It recovers and retains its shape year after year of many nights of blissful sleep.

Resiliency is one thing. Longevity is something else altogether. Blended latex and synthetic latex mattresses will have shorter shelf lives similar to other mattresses on the market today. Z-Net’s 100% all natural latex mattresses can fully and consistently support and comfort you for 10,000 nights.

There are many benefits beyond these to consider if you’re in the market for natural latex mattresses. Explore the other incredible benefits – such as mold and mildew resistance as well as resistance to dust mites and odor-causing microbial organisms, in addition to the durability and longevity Z- Net’s 100% natural latex mattresses offer. In doing so, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to get the quality sleep you need — and deserve.