Project Description

If you’ve ever been mattress shopping you know the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. Most mattresses don’t even last a decade, which means you’re investing in a good night’s sleep for a pretty long time.

The more durable the mattress, the less likely you will need to purchase a new one, and the more your back will thank you. Knowing what and how your mattress is made will help you assess its durability and longevity.

Latex foam is made up of Latex rubber, from trees.

It has become increasingly popular in mattress construction, due to its natural heat dispersion properties, and durability under repeated compression.  Z-Net believes 100% latex is the only way to make a mattress core, to fully take advantage of it’s natural properties.

Accessibility furniture manufactures have long proven that latex mattresses provide superior health benefits. The conforming ability of natural latex, for example, allows for perfect spinal alignment, which will rectify most back pain issues. When made over the threshold concentration and density, 100% pure natural latex will not degrade from repeated compression. In addition, when used in high concentration, latex is also naturally hypoallergenic and resists pests. Of the three latex mattress types on the market today, only Triple Dense Latex Mattress Cores have latex in high enough concentration and density to provide the natural durability, hygienic, and hypoallergenic properties.

When it comes to the lifespan and durability of your triple dense latex mattress, it’s important to take two main things into consideration: layers and foam density.

Z-Net progressive compression mattress cores are the only mattresses that don’t have to use a layer system. Being one seamless unit, your weight is evenly distributed through the whole mattress, and every cubic inch of the mattress is involved in supporting your weight. This means there is no “weak link” layer that leads to divots and soft spots. Being one seamless core, there are no “layer seams” where force and degradation can concentrate to create soft spots.

At Z-Net, we don’t compromise between comfort and quality. The more layers a bed has, the more stress concentration points of failure it contains. By using three times the amount of latex per cubic inch, and varying the pressure during injection, you know you are getting a mattress that is made without a single detail compromised.

High density compression latex means there is more 100% natural latex per cubic inch within the mattress core. This creates stronger durability, better longevity, and ultimately a higher quality mattress.

Keep in mind that with Progressive Compression cores, by design, density and firmness are independent. However, higher density WILL mean more durability, more longevity, and more support.