Project Description

Z-Net pure natural latex mattresses are perfect for all sleeper positions, shapes, and sizes. They provide cushioned support and contouring through progressive compression, providing perfect spinal alignment, sleeping in any position.

Latex Mattresses all come in different densities and concentrations depending on the manufacturer. This is why Z-Net is honest and upfront about how much latex we use in each mattress core. These are the main contributing factors in the comfort, quality, and longevity of your latex mattress. With Z-Net progressive compression, the mattress core actively reacts and adapts infinitely to your body shape, weight, and exactly where that weight is. When you lay on a Z-Net mattress, it’s adapts to be soft where you want it, and tightening up where you need it. We believe you shouldn’t have to accommodate the mattress maker by compromising; the mattress should be made to adapt to you. No longer will you have to choose between soft and firm, because a mattress should be soft where you want it and firm up where you need it.

Standard latex mattresses are low density, along with using multiple sandwich layers to mimic the varied compression rates that Z-Net offers. Z-Net mattress cores are a single unit construction, and purposely refuses to use layers, as each layer creates two stress concentration planes on the top and bottom. A Z-Net sleeper’s weight is evenly distributed throughout the mattress core from top to bottom, WITHOUT stress planes, preventing any soft spots, and body divots, for over 25 years of sleep. Z-Net mattress cores use three times as much latex per cubic inch, and a seamless progressive compression single unit pure latex core. You get the best in comfort, longevity, and spinal alignment. No compromises.