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Trusted by hotels, resorts, and hospitality, as the only bed to us in accesibility rooms to eliminate back pain.
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Benefits of Z-Net Mattresses

Defining good sleep is no snooze. Eliminate the causes of poor sleep and prioritize improving sleep quality through science.

Three times the amount of latex per cubic inch
Higher quality natural latex. 3x as much using our proprietary manufacturing methods; this means more material to support you while sleeping. Better to hold you in the right position, and to do it all night long. Heat dispersal performance that is second to none, and a strong support foundation that is found only with Z-Net Mattress Cores. These are just some of the advantages from starting with the best materials to make the best bed.

Progressive increase in Compression
With the strongest foundation available in a latex mattress, we create a mattress that progressively increases in resistance as weight is applied. This means you don’t have to choose between a firm or soft mattress. The top layer is soft as a cloud, and where your body concentrates weight, Z-Net Mattress cores will tighten up exactly where you need it. By responding to your body, each contact point is constantly adapting exactly to your body proportions. The result is a comfortable sleep that stays comfortable all night long.
Pure Natural Latex
Z-Net Mattresses are made using high quality all natural materials. By using three times more pure 100% latex to make Z-Net Mattress cores, your Z-net mattress will stay supportive for over 10 000 nights. This means your Z-Net Mattress will last longer, and provide the same great sleep on the first night, as it will on the 10 000th night. Z-Net achieves this by starting with the highest quality materials, to deliver the highest quality mattresses.
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“Love this new bed. My girlfriend can finally sleep comfortably without her hips bothering her in the morning, and my back pain is completely gone. I wish I found Z-Net sooner, then I wouldn’t need to go through so many different back pain treatments. This bed completely changed what we thought we needed.”
Brooke Hopkins

Better back. Better sleep. Better life.

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